Moldova Fans Banned from Attending Match against Serbia


An international soccer match is going to be held in Moldova and it will be played in an empty stadium amidst concerns over the alleged Russian plot for overthrowing the government. But Moldova has been banned from attending the football match against Serbia’s team, according to the football authority of the country. The statement had been made after the president of Moldova warned that saboteurs from Serbia can be a part of the alleged Kremlin plot for overthrowing the government.

According to the Moldovan Football Federation, it had been informed by the authorities of the Republican of Moldova regarding the impossibility of letting fans attend the 16th February match in Chisinau between FK Partisan of Belgrade and FC Sheriff of Tiraspol. The federation made a statement that it is going to let fans receive refunds on the tickets they have got. However, they didn’t explain the move. They apologized to all football supporters for the inconvenience they caused.

The decision of the football federation came just a day after the President Maia Sandu of Moldova described an alleged conspiracy of Russia against the government of the country using external saboteurs from Belarus, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President said last week that Kyiv had intercepted the plan for Moldova’s destruction by Russian intelligence. According to Sandu, the plan by Russia aims to derail the bid of the country to join the European Union and for using its strategic location that borders Ukraine in the war there. Moldova is a country with more than 2.5 million people and neighbors both Ukraine and Romania. It received EU candidate status in 2022 summer.

Maia Sandu has always been concerned about the intention of Moscow towards the former Soviet republic and Russian troops’ presence in the breakaway Trans-Dniester region.